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Why We are Concerned with Child Safety!

Dear Friend,

My name is Jeff Mork and I’m a parent who is very concerned with child safety and the need for proper emergency identification.

Does your child have the proper identification on their person in the case of an emergency?

Does your child have a medical condition that requires special attention at unexpected times?

National statistics indicate that one in every three children will have to seek medical care for injuries this year. A number of these children do not have the proper identification or a detailed medical history on their person.

When I was first introduced to the More About Me – Emergency information Kit, I was shocked by these statistics and didn’t really comprehend them until I got married and started having a family.

My wife Sheila is a Physician Assistant in family practice and she firmly believes that children should have some sort of emergency identification on their person at all times. Not knowing if someone has specific allergies to medications or other areas of concern can make it difficult for a medical profession to properly do their job.


Emergency Medical ID